Marilliam Flowers Ltd are committed in supplying only the finest quality floral supplies all year round, this leads to us sourcing the finest product from around the globe and delivering it direct to your door.

With journeys starting over 5000 miles away it is inevitable that there will be the odd broken stem which we hope you will understand.

However, excessive breakages should be reported within 24hrs of delivery to allow us time to investigate and rectify the issue.

Our commitment to quality is second to none, if you do have an issue with an item once again please inform the company within 24hrs so we can investigate – often an emailed photo will help.

Once we have indentified the issue we will discuss the best resolution to minimize the impact on your business i.e. credit note, partial credit note or replacement.

*Please be aware that credit notes, partial credit notes and replacements may require the return of the original product and as such should be available to our driver upon the next delivery. At no point should the product be used or disposed of unless agreed with Marilliam Flowers Ltd in advance*


Marilliam Flowers Ltd understands that reliability from your wholesaler is paramount to your business commitments.

Each order is hand picked by our team of experienced wholesalers ensuring that each order is fulfilled to the best of our ability.

Though very rare sometimes an item ordered will not arrive into our warehouse in timely manner to allow delivery or on occasions will not be of a quality we are happy to put our name against. In these circumstances we will substitute that item with the best match possible; this is where our experience comes to the forefront and avoids sending out a partial order.

*Should you wish to opt out of this service please advise*


Marilliam Flowers Ltd believes in all the businesses we serve and will do everything possible to give your business the edge with our superior quality and service. All we ask in return is that you adhere your payment terms as agreed with Marilliam Flowers Ltd.

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Thank you to an amazing team for the fantastic service and quality over a busy weekend


A big thank you for my deliveries each day, everything is spot on as always! you certainly make my life a whole lot easier


Thank you for our wonderful deliveries! Customers loved the quality